About Us

Our Mission is to provide our customers with the finest selection of natural stone products, crafted by artisans with unequaled skills and talents.  We promise to create quality fabrications unparalleled by any in the industry.  We set the standards for quality expectations.

Begun in 1912, Laurentian Monument, Granite, & Stone has served Minnesota’s Iron Range and beyond for over 100 years.  As enduring as the materials we provide, our artisans take granite from raw stone to a beautiful finished product for your enjoyment.

Nothing is as enduring as granite and while the tools we use may have changed over time, our workmanship is unsurpassed in quality and beauty. Drawing recognition and praise from the Arrowhead region of Northern Minnesota, throughout the state, and Ontario.

Our 100 years of history and the corresponding records kept of the work we’ve done gives us the ability to match the original work done on monuments and other stonework we’ve been involved in over the years. Although a significant number of years may have gone by between the passing of one family member  and the passing of the next. Laurentian Monument, Granite, & Stone can match the stone, carving, design, and lettering seamlessly.

Not just a cemetery monument company, Laurentian Monument, Granite, & Stone goes above and beyond to provide quality granite and stone in a myriad of options for both interior and exterior use. Whether counter tops and back splashes, lazy susans, plaques, signage, landscaping stones, or anything else that you can think to do with stone, Laurentian Monument, Granite, & Stone has the skills and equipment to best serve you.