The Monument company began in 1912 engraving monuments, cemetery markers, and providing other services. Complete records began to be compiled in 1918 enabling Laurentian Monument, Granite, & Stone to look back through the years to match everything about a monument or marker they have placed since then. The granite type, monument type, fonts, and etching on record enabling our craftsmen to provide seamless matching through the years.

Laurentian Monument, Granite, and Stone  started production in natural stone counter tops in 2002 and continues to do so to this day. 2006 saw Laurentian Monument, Granite, & Stone add an all new plant with all modern equipment. New saws, polishers, finishing equipment, and  laser cutting tools were installed. Currently additional tools are coming to the shop to enable our staff to provide even more cutting edge services to time-honored craftsmanship.

The natural stone division was added in 2011, providing quality Laurentian rock for the interior and exterior of your home or business. We are able to size natural Laurentian flag stone by breaking and splitting the stone through the natural grain of each individual stone.

Laurentian Monument, Granite, & Stone has always been recognized for decades for their dedication to bringing quality workmanship to the granite and natural stone field. Granite is a material that has natural flaws and we are dedicated to making sure the stone we work with meets our quality standards to ensure that your stone will last a lifetime.

Nothing endures like granite and stone and for the last 100 years Laurentian Monument, Granite, & Stone has crafted it for you!