Mark & Kandi Sutich – Owners

Mark & Kandi purchased Laurentian Monument, Granite, & Stone in November 2011. They have always been entrepreneurs and have worked with and enjoy the beauty of the stone and it’s allure. They are thrilled to step into the business and it’s timeless quality and integrity stone brings to peoples live’s. We take pride in connecting with our customers and listening to their needs.

Jeff Niemi

Jeff Niemi has decades of experience working with granite in monuments and countertops. The quality of his workmanship is recognized throughout the Ontario and Northern Minnesota area.

Carlos Paz

Carlos Paz  has grown up in the stone industry and has a true love for his job. He is an expert in matching the grains and patterns of granite. He hand polishes and prepares surfaces, going to extremes to provide the blending of seams bringing to life the natural beauty of the stone.

This team sets the standards, there is never a question as to workmanship and quality of the work completed.