Monument Symbols

Symbols on monuments are rarely random. In days gone by these symbols held meaning, particularly for those who couldn’t read. The symbols portrayed simple statements about life and beliefs about the afterlife.

Listed below are some of the symbols commonly used on memorials and what they mean.

Anchor: The Anchor represents a steadfast hope. There is life after death.
Arch: We are separated from our loved ones now, but we will spend eternity together in heaven.
Birds: Birds represent the soul.
Cherub: A cherub represents divine wisdom.
Broken Column: A life cut short.
Conch shell: The wisdom of a wise man.
The Cross, the Anchor, and the Bible: The trial, the victory, and the reward.
Crown: Eternal reward and glory.
Dove: Holy Spirit, purity and love
Evergreen: Eternal Life
Garland: Christ was victorious over death.
Ivy: Faithfulness
Lamb: Innocence.
Laurel: Victory
Lily: The resurrection
Olive Branch: Peace and Forgiveness
Palms: Victory over death.
Peacock: Eternal life.
Skeleton: Life is short.
Star of David: God
Snake in a Circle: Everlasting life.
Crossed Swords: Lost in battle.
Torch: Eternal Life.
Triangle: The Trinity.
Weeping Willow: Grief