A monument is an enduring tribute to a loved one and can tell their story in stone. The skilled artisans at Laurentian Monument Granite & Stone provide lasting monuments of a wide variety of granite, marble, and natural stone. You also have the option to select a boulder from your own property to be engraved, polished, and placed by our craftsmen.


While many monuments are stones of remembrance, monuments can also be used as signage for businesses, parks, and address markers.

Laurentian Monument, Granite, & Stone also maintains monuments. Marble monuments are beautiful but as they age they  need to be cleaned and retouched, restoring them to their original beauty. Using an abrasive blasting sand rather than a harmful chemical cleans  the stone face from lichen, moss, and other elements that darken the stone over time in turn rejuvenating  the look of your monument.  Over time a monument can settle unevenly causing the stone to sink deeper into the soil on one side  than another. Our crew levels and  creates a  new foundation for the monument as well.

With over 100 years of records of the monuments placed on the Iron Range, Laurentian Monument, Granite, & Stone can in many cases go back to the original notes to match the designs, fonts, and more when completing the dates on a monument. Photographs and rubbings will also be taken to insure that the look of new carving on an older marker is accurate.